Pimanus Lake Cabins-15

I’m writing this post in October 2015. Twelve years have gone by since I visited this rustic and peaceful spot south of Kamloops and west of Merritt, BC.

I was invited to come and spend a few days in a cabin of my own, do a bit of fishing and simply relax by the lake under the tall pine trees.

Pimanus Lake Cabins-3

When I visited, the property was managed by a friend of mine and was being run very well. There was fresh wood for the indoor stoves (not to be used in the fire pits), the cabins were clean, as where the outdoor facilities and communal bath house.

There were six cabins at the time of my visit plus a main house. The cabins were made of log – nicely done – and had COLD running water.  But it was easy to heat up the water and cook food on the gas stove.  There was also a wood stove in each cabin for heat. The cabin I used came with a bed, table, chairs, pots, pans, dishes and utensils. I can’t remember if towels and bedding were supplied. I remember that the bath house had a nice rock feature and an instant hot water heater which worked very well.

Pimanus Lake Cabins-8

Pimanus Lake Cabins-1

Pimanus Lake Cabins-12

I asked the hostess for a tip on the best place to drag a fishing line she suggested I wait for the other fishing groups to head out for the day and she would be glad to help.  Once the rest had gone off in their trucks loaded with boats and gear, I was offered a small row boat that was tied up at the dock and told to row figure 8’s just in front of the main lodge building while towing a lure behind me.  Within a quarter hour I had a nice nice trout so I stopped.  After all, I was only fishing for my lunch and I had what I needed.

Pimanus Lake Cabins-6 Pimanus Lake Cabins-7 Pimanus Lake Cabins-9 Pimanus Lake Cabins-11

I spent most of time simply exploring the area, reading my book, taking photos and walking with Devan the friendly Lab – protector of the property. When not napping on the porch of my cabin.

Pimanus Lake Cabins-10

Other visitors included a tame and cheeky squirrel ….

Pimanus Lake Cabins-5

… and my parents who enjoyed staying here as much as I did.

Pimanus Lake Cabins-14

Pimanus Lake Cabins-16

I checked the status of this wonderful spot this afternoon and see that it recently changed owners but is still operating. You can find out more about it here at Pimainus Lake Resort.

Pimanus Lake Cabins-1-2

2 thoughts on “PIMAINUS LAKES, BC

  1. This lake is no longer the great fishing camp it was. It has since been privatized and they only rent out 4 cabins on a yearly basis. It’s very saddening since I grew up there and it was my grandparents and my dad ran the place. It’s now for sale.


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