This is where Kari and I where first introduced to the Canadian historic site known as the Rideau Canal and Waterway.  Merrickville is one of many Ontario communities that grew up around a fast moving waters that could be harnessed by early pioneers as a source of power for sawmills, grist mills and other industrial complexes of the time.  Today it is a great spot for tourists to visit either by car or by boat or by hiking and biking along the trail between Kingston and Ottawa. 

The mill pond above the falls is a perfect place for boats to dock while they wait for a turn through the lock.  Lots of time for shopping, eating or just relaxing. c39bb-201109merrickville252con32

Walking Across the Lock Gate

The lock – like the others is manually operated just like it was when first opened.  The top of each lock gate is a walkway to allow people to walk from one side of the canal to the other – just like Kari is doing here.

Recreational Boats

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